Mathematics can be fun and easy to learn step by step, or fearful and difficult at every level. The combination of student abilities and preparedness and the presentation and teaching style of the teacher make all the difference. We can assist with the student side of learning math and have had great success overcoming even difficult learning environments. Math is a language; here is the progression of that language as we speak it:

Required by all area of military service, we are proud to support our armed forces by assisting in preparation for this test. The unique format of the test covering verbal, math, spacial and practical shop skills and knowledge is a challenge to those who take the exam. We have taught many entrants the basics of the test with successful results.

Algebra 2

Study Skills

Calculator Use

Georgia High School standards require students to learn how to use the calculator.  Calculator use is encouraged at the lower grades and mandatory from Algebra 2 upwards. While students can rent a calculator from the school, we recommend high school students purchase a TI 84+ CE for their own use.The learning curve is increased for those who learn to use the calculator not as a crutch, but for the learning tool it was created to be. This model of calculator can be used all through college, even at GA Tech engineering studies and of course on the SAT / ACT tests. It is a great investment for your student.


Gwinnett Math Tutoring

Typically for Juniors or advanced Sophomores. We help with both CP and Honors physics.


Typically for Seniors. Topics include advanced functions and their graphs, polynomial and rational functions and inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and their graphs, analytic trigonometry, the unit circle.

For Students enrolled in High School level Algebra 1. Usually Freshman or Advanced 8th graders.. Solving for X, slope, lines, systems of equations, exponents and polynomials, factoring, quadratic functions,  probability and data analysis.



AP Statistics

For Students enrolled in High School Geometry. Typically Sophomores or advanced Freshman. Continued emphasis on note taking and test preparation. Proofs,, coordinate geometry, parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles circles SohCahToa. Area and Volume.

For students preparing for the AP Physics exam in May. This is an advanced, college level course based on advanced algebra.

Comprehensive skill set learning to: take notes, keep a notebook, test preparation, reading speed and comprehension, schedule planning, how math and science require unique skills to learn. Using multiple methods to learn. How to use media and electronic resources including calculators.


Gwinnett Math Tutoring  provides tutoring in 6th grade-College Math, Science, and Test Prep. We also offer homework help and summer  read more

For those preparing to take High School level Algebra 1. Usually 8th graders or advanced 7th graders.  Basics of math; fractions, decimals and percents, concept of variables, introduction to geometry and solving basic word problems.



We are looking for two unique tutors with a mentoring approach. If you have experience tutoring math, science or verbal classes, contact us. Find out why we are different!


We have been helping raise SAT / ACT scores in Georgia over 10 years. There is a specific strategy and a method of review that maximizes each students score. We like to keep review classes small to give individual attention. We utilized review material published by the companies who administer the tests. We focus on strategy and timing as well as actual subject review. One our highest success areas.

Algebra 1


For students taking High School level Algebra 2. Usually Juniors or advanced Sophomores. Standardized testing is emphasized in the study skills. Topics include advanced functions, inverse functions, logarithms, systems of equations, linear programming, systems of inequalities, advanced factoring patterns, pascal's triangle, matrices, complex numbers.

Test Preparation

Student Openings 

We have limited openings for new students in September. Call or email now to discuss your student's situation.

For 8th graders or advanced 7th graders. Covers the basic physical schences, chemistry, physics, earth science.

XL PreCalculus


For Seniors preparing for the AP Calculus Exam in May. Heavy emphasis on note taking and practice exam questions. Advanced calculator is required. Basic limits, differentiation, integration, related rates, optimization, volumes of solids.

AP Calculus

For Seniors or advanced Juniors. Statistics at the college level for all types of mathematical comparisons and assessment of data.


Rates range from $45 a session to $100 depending on the number of sessions scheduled per month and private versus paired sessions. Discounts for regular sessions are available. Contact us for details on groupings and charges for these sessions. Other than the actual session, THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES. Ask about our Rate Guarantee for all your students.


Test preparation and Study Skills are essential for the best performance in school. We integrate these skills as much as possible at each tutoring session. We offer specialized classes for the unique skills needed for the jump to high school and AP class study.

For Juniors preparing to take AP Calculus their senior year. This course covers the same topics as regular precalculus, but at a deeper level and more advanced pace. Introduction to limits for calculus is added.

Subjects and Pricing

Physical Science

Normally for Sophomores and advanced Freshman. We assist with both CP and Honors level Chemistry.

AP Physics

Four science courses are required in Gwinnett county for High School. We are able to assist at this time in these specific classes. Other sciences are available upon individual request.